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'We have never been taught how to be relationship-smart;
Happy relationships often happen by trial and error.'

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'Good relationships don’t just happen.
You need to work at creating the relationship you want-do you know how?'

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'No one is immune from relationship break-up.
Our sobering divorce statistics is proof of this.'

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Don’t give up on your relationship when it gets ‘bumpy;
Many regret doing so. You can learn to be relationship-smarter

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It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships;
Small interventions can make long term differences

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Are you relationship-smart or do you want to be relationship-smarter?

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Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter;
Together we can transform your relationships and our society.

'You can be the change you wish to see in the world... Ghandi.'

Vision & Mission

‘My vision & mission’

‘All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way…….Tolstoy’

Strong relationships & families are vital for our well-being and health of society.

Being contented in a happy, loving & fulfilling relationship is intoxicating. We ALL aspire to achieve it.

‘Are you ‘relationship-smart’? How ‘fit’ and healthy is your relationship? Do you need some help to be ‘relationship-smarter’?’

My Passion is my Mission

‘A family lawyer passionate to put relationships at the heart of society and making it a national priority’.

My mission is to empower you to create and strengthen your unique blueprint for better personal relationships and make us all ‘relationship-smarter’.

And if your relationship breakdown is irretrievable, my mission also includes equipping you with the right strategies to manage your relationship harmoniously, vital to the mutual long term benefit of your family, particularly your children and ultimately society.

Every day, I listen to traumatic and heart-breaking tales of family breakup, many of which could have been avoided if families knew and applied good relationship strategies, skills and know-how.

My extensive experience as a family lawyer has given me valuable insight and expert knowledge on relationships and families. Incredibly, we have never been taught how to be ‘relationship-smart’, to be good partners, spouses or parents. Much of our relationship success happens by trial and error.

Everywhere I go, I am asked to give good relationship ‘nuggets’. I have noticed a huge thirst for this knowledge.

Let me help you achieve your aspiration of happy relationships, by empowering you to create and strengthen your unique blueprint for better personal relationships.

My Vision

‘For all of us to be ‘relationship-smarter’ & become a nation of happy families .

#Fact: The thing that matters most in life is relationships. People in happy, supportive relationships are healthier, have greater productivity, are more successful, have lower stress levels, live longer and have happier well-adjusted children. If we all strive to have more

successful relationships, we will slow down the rot of destructive divorce and family breakdowns, with its damaging consequences on children, families and society.

I want everyone to be ‘relationship smarter and for our nation to have more happy, successful and sustainable family relationships. Together we can make this happen.

Why this vision?

sms_2Because today, not enough is being actively done to help strengthen personal relationships and reverse the decline of family break-ups. We need to be more far-sighted and actively do much more to address this. We cannot ignore this.

I want to change things by starting a national movement to create a happier nation brimming with happy and successful relationships.

You can all join in by participating in a ‘national conversation’ about being ‘relationship-smarter and mastering the language of good relationships, through our combined shared knowledge, best practice, experiences, insights & strategies.

Together let us make this happen so that we can all be ‘relationship-smarter’

Good relationships don’t just happen-it takes effort, know-how & commitment.

Relationships today face a barrage of challenges.

We spend months training to be a driver and my years training to be a lawyer was lengthy. But shockingly, we have minimal training on our personal relationships, so crucial to our emotional and physical well-being. Few have little understanding of what it takes to stay in and maintain good relationships.

Don’t give up so easily-too many give up on their relationship when it gets ‘bumpy’.

Often, due to lack of knowledge and ignorance, many give up on their relationship. But, the ‘grass is not always juicier on the other side of the fence’. I have heard and witnessed this countless times from many who have experienced traumatic and destructive break-up with damaging consequences on the family particularly the children.

Don’t give up so easily. Always aim to rescue and strengthen your relationship first.

It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships. Small interventions can really make long term differences.

But if despite your best efforts, your relationship breakdown is irretrievable, then let me assist by equipping you with harmonious strategies to manage your relationship, vital to the mutual long term benefit of your family.

No one is immune from relationship break-up.

You could be next.

The sobering reality of divorce statistics is proof of this.

Are you relationship smart?

Q: How ‘fit’ is your relationship ie how happy are you in your relationship

Q: Does it have the strength & endurance to last?

Q: Do you want to be ‘relationship-smarter’?

Yes, you can be ‘relationship-smarter’.

Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter’

Please participate and share best practice, insights, tips, experiences to empower each other with relationship wisdom

As Gandhi so eloquently put it, In a gentle way, we can shake the world…and be the change you wish to see in the world

‘A happy family is an earlier heaven’… George Bernard Shaw