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'We have never been taught how to be relationship-smart;
Happy relationships often happen by trial and error.'

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'Good relationships don’t just happen.
You need to work at creating the relationship you want-do you know how?'

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'No one is immune from relationship break-up.
Our sobering divorce statistics is proof of this.'

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Don’t give up on your relationship when it gets ‘bumpy;
Many regret doing so. You can learn to be relationship-smarter

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It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships;
Small interventions can make long term differences

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Are you relationship-smart or do you want to be relationship-smarter?

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Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter;
Together we can transform your relationships and our society.

'You can be the change you wish to see in the world... Ghandi.'


Divorce Statistics for 2012 in England & Wales (latest figures from the 2012 Office for National Statistics (ONS)

In 2012, divorces in England and Wales have slightly increased) i.e. 118,140 divorces, an increase of 0.5% since 2011 (117,558)

Note following facts:

Almost 50% of these divorces occurred in the first 10 years of marriage & the divorces most likely to occur between the 4th & 8th wedding anniversary.

– 71% of divorces were for first marriages

  • There were 13 divorces an hour in England and Wales in 2012
  • Women were granted 65% of all divorces
  • 9,703 men and 6,026 women aged over 60 got divorced
  • 1 in 7 divorces were granted as a result of adultery
  • 719 (less than 1%) divorces were granted because of desertion
  • The number of divorces was highest among men and women aged 40 to 44. The average age at divorce was 45 for men and 42 for women
  • 9% of couples divorcing had both been divorced before
  • 48% of couples divorcing had at least one child aged under 16 living with the family
  • It is expected that 42% of marriages will end in divorce

Children of couples who have split(divorced or cohabited) statistics in England & Wales (ONS 2011)

  • 400,000 children now divide their time & live in 2 separate homes because their parents have separated (divorced or cohabitation) or divorced i.e 3.2 % of the 12.1 million children live in 2 separate homes. Of that, 97% ie 386,000 of the children are under 16.
  • In divorce cases, there are 100,760 children under 16. Over a fifth (21%) of the children in were under five and 64% were under 11
  • The 2 parents generally live in the same local authority area but 4% live outside the UK.
  • Children aged 10 – 14 were the age group most affected, with toddlers least affected.
  • These figures exclude those who went to a boarding school.
  • Almost half (49%) of couples divorcing have at least one child under 16 living in the family.