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'We have never been taught how to be relationship-smart;
Happy relationships often happen by trial and error.'

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'Good relationships don’t just happen.
You need to work at creating the relationship you want-do you know how?'

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'No one is immune from relationship break-up.
Our sobering divorce statistics is proof of this.'

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Don’t give up on your relationship when it gets ‘bumpy;
Many regret doing so. You can learn to be relationship-smarter

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It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships;
Small interventions can make long term differences

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Are you relationship-smart or do you want to be relationship-smarter?

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Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter;
Together we can transform your relationships and our society.

'You can be the change you wish to see in the world... Ghandi.'


Politics touches virtually every aspect of our lives and it is important to participate and make our views known and heard, so that we can help shape the political landscape. Hence, I campaign and canvass in both national and local elections and talk to our local and national politicians when the opportunity presents, to discuss and feedback worries and concerns from constituents and residents in my community, whilst constantly encouraging youngsters to get involved in politics.

Through the important work carried out by the Conservative Friends of the Chinese (CFOC), we are also aiming to have the first and long overdue Chinese MP at the May 2015 General Election, which will be a landmark for the Chinese community.

My political roles include the following:

  • Former Chairman of Beaconsfield Conservative Constituency Association; now Vice President.
  • Beaconsfield Town Councillor;
  • Former Chairman of the Bucks Supper Club, a political supper club inviting political and non-political speakers to speak and discuss diverse issues affecting the country;
  • Adviser to the All Parliamentary Purpose Group on East Asian Business looking at ways to promote more business between the East and the West;
  • Adviser to the All Parliamentary Purpose Group on Life Transitions, looking at better ways to assist people of all ages through their life transitions;
  • Executive Board member of the Conservative Friends of the Chinese (CFOC), with its mission to develop strong interaction and understanding between the Conservative Party and the various British Chinese communities and in doing so, become a bedrock to political, cultural and trade and investment relations between the United Kingdom and the British Chinese communities worldwide.

We are also so delighted to currently have 4 Chinese candidates standing in 4 UK constituency seats. A first for the Chinese community.