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'We have never been taught how to be relationship-smart;
Happy relationships often happen by trial and error.'

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'Good relationships don’t just happen.
You need to work at creating the relationship you want-do you know how?'

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'No one is immune from relationship break-up.
Our sobering divorce statistics is proof of this.'

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Don’t give up on your relationship when it gets ‘bumpy;
Many regret doing so. You can learn to be relationship-smarter

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It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships;
Small interventions can make long term differences

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Are you relationship-smart or do you want to be relationship-smarter?

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Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter;
Together we can transform your relationships and our society.

'You can be the change you wish to see in the world... Ghandi.'


sms_12’Sheela was a total ‘life-saver’ and getting her help when my wife left me was probably the wisest thing I did. Her many valuable tips about managing and strategizing my divorce, resulted in my being able to afford my son’s school fees.  She was instrumental in my achieving an amicable outcome in my divorce.’’…Mr S

I am a family lawyer (solicitor & barrister) with 20 years’ experience of family law and relationships. I am also no stranger to family break-up, having personally been through the process myself. I believe the empathy I have with divorcees, enables me to give clarity and greater insight to the complex area of family breakdown, that is hard to replicate unless one has been through the process.

Countless families struggle with the trauma and destruction of break-up and its damaging consequences on the family, if not handled well.  There is much to grapple with and doing it in times of great emotional stress and devastation is very tough indeed.

Shockingly, many often make the crucial decision to break-up ‘in a vacuum’, without first getting vital information and understanding the true impact and consequences of their actions.  Many commence the divorce/break-up journey ignorant and ‘blind’ to the process. Non-working partners/spouses who have been left with children, by their partner/spouse’s unilateral decisions to break-up, are the most vulnerable.

The adversarial nature of our legal system aggravates and fuels the acrimony, frequently resulting in costly bitter litigation through legal advisors, dissipating large sums of money, which many families can ill-afford.

Is it therefore surprising that many are at a loss about what to do and how to survive it?

The Many Benefits of iFamiliesuk

I set up and run iFamiliesuk, as a consultant, specifically to address the gasping need for this type of vita professional information service.

iFamiliesuk must be your first port of call if you are considering or experiencing break-up. It is a bespoke family legal information consultancy and the service is totally confidential. It was previously known as ‘Divorce & Family Law Information Service.

In a nutshell, if family break-up is inevitable because you have made a decision to leave, then I feel strongly that you must be empowered with good information to make informed decisions about your family’s future particularly at the outset, including fully understanding the outcomes and consequences of your decisions. I share this valuable information acquired from many years of working in family law. iFamilesuk services include being on hand to persuade often highly emotional clients to better manage and handle their parting and explore ways for them to plan and decide their exit strategy with the ultimate goal of an amicable resolution. This often includes managing expectations of splitting up a family’s wealth to meet their respective needs whilst assisting them to deal with often highly charged children issues, as sensitively as possible.

Divorce and family break-up is life-changing.  It is a frightening and traumatic experience for couples, parents and children, if badly handled.

Many break-ups involve conflict and acrimony. Children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being  are often very badly affected by their parents’ destructive break-up.

Divorce and break-up comes at a high cost. Financially, almost always both parties lose out as usually the family home has to be sold and income, pensions and other assets will have to be shared.

Family law is a minefield because it is not an exact science

Five Judges can arrive at five different conclusions on the same set of facts. There is no ‘one size fits all’.  The outcome of each case depend on its specific facts and judges have powerful discretions to decide a case.

Hence, there is no certainty of outcome in divorce and break-up, making things even more difficult for families to plan. Inevitably break-up comes at great expense to families, practically, emotionally and financially.

Families breaking up are often left without ‘strong paddles’ to help them navigate through the rough tide of divorce.

Despite being a family lawyer, experiencing my family break-up made me more acutely aware that families breaking-up are often without ‘strong paddles’ to help them navigate through the rough tide of divorce.

It is one thing deciding to leave a relationship or be left, but it is another having to plan and make crucial decisions such as where to live, should they remain in the family home, resolving housing, children and financial issues and ultimately reach a settlement, when being  in an emotionally charged state.

I know that if you are experiencing family-break up, you are likely to be:

◾emotionally and mentally distraught, frightened, anxious and very worried about your/your children’s uncertain future including money, your home and access to the children;

◾ ignorant of the law and the legal process but urgently need immediate answers and information to the many specific nagging short and longer term practical and legal queries running through your mind including;

e.g. can you survive, where do you stand financially;

e.g. should you change the locks or how can you force your partner to move out of the house;

e.g.  what should you do to protect yourself and your children; how are you are going to cope generally ;

e.g. at a loss to know where to seek help and the relevant answers you need because;

* Family members and friends don’t often have the right answers beyond giving friendly advice.

* You don’t know how to navigate, pick your way and sift through the deluge of information on the internet.

*You are reluctant to consult a solicitor immediately as you may not be emotionally or mentally ready to see one;

iFamiliesuk can help you

Empathetic, knowledgeable and bursting with positive, practical advice and information, Sheela is an invaluable guide for all those facing breakdown of their relationship’’… Mrs RB

iFamiliesuk can help you at this time. Its service includes recommending good amicable exit strategies when leaving a relationship or dealing with the aftermath of being left by your partner which will help you plan and decide on important day to day and longer term worrying issues.

For more information, visit iFamiliesuk

What we can help you with

A user friendly matrimonial legal information service specifically aimed at divorce and separation issues and tailor-made to specifically answer your worrying concerns about your family break-up.

Sheela is a family lawyer with extensive experience in family law and relationships