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'We have never been taught how to be relationship-smart;
Happy relationships often happen by trial and error.'

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'Good relationships don’t just happen.
You need to work at creating the relationship you want-do you know how?'

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'No one is immune from relationship break-up.
Our sobering divorce statistics is proof of this.'

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Don’t give up on your relationship when it gets ‘bumpy;
Many regret doing so. You can learn to be relationship-smarter

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It is never too late to start strengthening your relationships;
Small interventions can make long term differences

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Are you relationship-smart or do you want to be relationship-smarter?

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Join me now. Be part of our national family and be empowered to be ‘relationship-smarter;
Together we can transform your relationships and our society.

'You can be the change you wish to see in the world... Ghandi.'

Charity & Voluntary

sms_11Whilst busy juggling work and motherhood, I have campaigned, fund-raised and actively contributed to the local and wider communities and charities locally, nationally and internationally.

I was very proud to have been selected as a Woman of Achievement by the 2009 Women of the Year Nominating Council.

Working with people and volunteers and endeavouring to make a positive contribution to better people’s lives and improve society generally is a huge privilege, which I continue to do as much as I can.

Centre for Social Justice (‘CSJ’)

My interest in the well-being of families and its impact on the health of our nation has led me to be actively involved in the area of strengthening family life in Britain today.

Working with the CSJ, I was a member of their Family Law Policy Review & Reform Committee and co-authored the report ‘Every Family Matters’, published in July 2009, containing no less than 131 recommendations covering all areas of strengthening family life in Britain.

Charities, Social Enterprises & other voluntary work

I chair the Diaspora Emerging Leadership programme, a social enterprise I co-founded with Lord Wei to help train and support young leaders from the various diaspora communities in the UK through mentoring and connecting them with business, social and other opportunities and people to create a powerful network of future leaders committed to positive national and international change; to promote global trade, and foster better cross cultural understanding, as the world embraces the opportunities and tackles the challenges that come with the global rising East and South. .

As Vice-Chairman of the London British Red Cross, I helped to raise funds to purchase vital ambulances in the wake of the 7 July 2005 London bombings when there was a shortage of ambulances.

Locally in Buckinghamshire, I am a former Chairman of Buckinghamshire NSPCC, a previous Governor of Beaconsfield High School and I was also a trustee of the various charities, Street Dreams (supporting disadvantaged, disengaged local youth to help them achieve sustainable positive lives) and Drugfam (supporting families, carers and friends affected by substance abuse). Other charities I support and have helped with their fund-raising efforts include Rainbow Trust, English National Ballet, Caring for Courage and Sea Cadets.

I worked with a local social action project, Friends of the Knotty Green Project, to bring a dilapidated local playground back to life and provide a safe place for children to play in the community. The project was nominated for an award by HM Queen.

I am also a Law Society Mentor and volunteer for Coach for Junior Lawyers