Marriage falls out of favour for young Europeans as austerity and apathy bite

Marriage falls out of favour for young Europeans as austerity and apathy bite

Today in the UK, there is also a trend of falling numbers of marriages. But, marriage still remains the most common type of family in the UK. In 2013, of the 18.2 million families in the UK, about 2/3rds i.e. 12.3 million people are married with or without children.

But cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK today with approximately 6 million couples cohabiting in 2013.


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Relate welcomes announcement on free mediation sessions for separating couples

“Mediation offers couples an out of court option to make arrangements around separation or divorce. An impartial mediator manages the process but the couple decide what arrangements to agree on relating to finances, children etc. It is highly recommended and an effective option which can reduce conflict and costly legal fees whilst improving communication between separating couples.” For more information, please follow this link.

Welcoming the new team

Lord Wei and I welcomed the new team, the second cohort of the Diaspora Emerging Leaders Programme 2014 at Maker Works Shoreditch-Stephen Chan sadly couldn’t join us-looking forward to working with them and having some fun along the way too!

Party time

At Party conference in Birmingham with Sajid Javid MP & Conservative Friends of the Chinese & Jackson Ng-busy conference with great speeches and buzzing with people and friends.